The Packraft Handbook


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 On January 13th of 2020, I tore my ACL, crumpled my meniscus, and did all sorts of damage to my knee. I had surgery and was on crutches for four months. I couldn't work my usual job of rope access welding for six months, and was on light duty for the next twelve. Compounding the injury, Covid-induced isolation made indoor activities and friends out of reach.

Although it was a stark year in many ways, I can honestly say I'm somewhat glad that I got injured because it allowed me to illustrate The Packraft Handbook. If it wasn't for a non-functional knee, I wouldn't have sat still long enough to give the book the attention it deserved. I poured myself into that book, obsessing over the project more than I'd ever obsessed over any art job in my life. The result, I believe, is that I helped make a truly gorgeous textbook that is packed with really great information and fun details.

Luc is a brilliant writer, hilarious storyteller, and is wildly earnest about packrarft safety. His knowledge, attentiveness, and wit made The Packraft Handbook a joy to illustrate. Even though it has nothing to do with anyone else's experience reading the book, I give The Packraft Handbook infinite stars for giving me a source of purpose, fun, and connection during an otherwise painful and grim episode. It absolutely carried me through a spring on crutches, a summer of canceled plans, and gave special joy to a fall of packrafting with a group of badass women who became some of my favorite humans.

I've loved packrafting for many years, but this book made me love it infinitely more. I hope it does the same for you.

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