Kawerak's updated logo

Kawerak's updated logo

January 30, 2021

Kawerak is an important organization whose work I greatly admire. I was honored to update their logo.

Before: Kawerak's logo was beautiful and had a clear concept but was not very legible at small sizes and needed to be updated to vector format.

Kawerak Native Association | Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network

After: I stayed true to the original concept and structure, while making the individual silhouettes of the animals more legible at small sizes. I also created a vector version for increased versatility in uses.

Kawerak Logo Large

In addition, we created a color version.

Sarah K. Glaser Kawerak Color Logo

I colored each animal individually with watercolors, photographed it, and retouched it digitally, creating a coloring scheme that blended traditional and modern techniques.

Kawerak Logo Salmon Sarah K. Glaser

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