Want to work together?

I specialize in hand-drawn outdoors-focused illustrations that educate and inspire.


The very best way to reach out to me is via email at

sarahkglaser (at) gmail (dot) com.


Please include as much detail as possible, including:

1. The name and aim of your business, if applicable

2. What you're planning on using the illustration(s) for (i.e., book, t-shirt designs, murals, event poster, social media, a book cover etc.)

3. Where you're based out of

4. Why you think I'd be a good fit to help execute your vision

5. Examples of my work that you liked best

6. Your timeline for needing the drawing


As much as I would love to do every drawing requested, my time is limited. Your taking a moment to answer these questions will help me determine whether or not we might be a good fit to work together.