Salmon Supply


Stretched-canvas prints are available! Canvas come framed in a black floating frame and are hand-signed by yours truly.

Giclee paper prints are printed on archival printer by the amazing Jana at Raven Ink.

Mat prints are without a border on thick poster paper.

Some places are magical. Some spots are special and magnificent in a way that makes you feel wonderfully small and insignificant.

The Copper River’s headwaters span the Alaska Range, the Talkeetnas, the Wrangells, the Saint Elias, and the Chugach Mountains. Each mountain range is made wildly different stone—some volcanic, some sedimentary—but in each, glaciers slowly pulverize the rocks into silt and release them into the watershed.

Hundreds of millions of tons of minerals pour from the Copper River into the oceans each year. Most ocean nutrients have settled deep below the surface, but perfectly suspended in sunlight where plankton can use them.

These explosive plankton blooms feed one of the most productive ecosystems in the entire world, forming the basis for everything from krill to salmon and whales.

Painting inspired by Glacial Mud Co., which uses the mineral-packed silt in their amazing skin care products. Lauren showed me satellite footage of silt coming off the Copper River, which blew my mind.