Turnagain Pass Map


For those of you who long for clear days with stable snow, who have the topo maps in Joe's book etched into their memories and the CNFAIC site loaded by 8 am each morning, and who dream of secret couloirs well into May, you are a wild and passionate tribe of people. This one is for you.

Personal project for the love of maps, skiing, and this amazing area. The original was acrylic painted on a 36 by 72 inch canvas. After it was scanned, I illustrated the place names, compass, and scale digitally.

Archival prints are gouache done locally on 180 lb rag paper (a thick, beautifully textured watercolor-style paper) by an amazing one-woman local print shop Raven Ink in Anchorage, Alaska. Prints measure 11x21 inches (including the white border). Packaged and shipped directly from Raven Ink until June 2024 (while we're out of state for snow science research).